To be successful online, you have to build a strong brand. But how does branding actually work? 

In this article, you will learn what branding is, what to look for in your logo and how to present your brand on social media best. 

What is Branding? 

Branding can be defined as "positioning a brand." Factors such as the logo design, name card, web design, corporate colors and voice play a major role. The task of the brand is to convey a feeling or the image of the company to potential customers. 

The brand runs through the entire corporate communication - internal and external - and has the task of differentiating itself from the competition. 

Some brands have such a strong recognition value that they can even be recognized without a logo design or slogan. 

Do you recognize the companies behind the examples? 

How Companies Build a Brand 


  • Creating a website that shows your customers what you offer, 
  • Designing ads promoting your goods and services, 
  • Selecting specific corporate colors associated with your business, 
  • Creating a logo and present it across all your social media accounts, can turn your company into a brand. 

This means that you can determine how your company is perceived.  

It's the impression that comes to your customers' minds when they hear your company name. 

Coca-Cola sells "only sugar water" but is associated with relaxation, freedom and happiness.