Reason # 3: A Corporate Blog Arouses Emotions 

Even with a high level of awareness, technology companies and industrial companies are often perceived as sterile. With a corporate blog, they become more tangible and emotional for a broad audience. 

The US chemical company Celanese is a good example. In their corporate blog, employees report personal topics such as work-life balance, inclusion, and family life. The posts are very popular and give the company a human face. 

GE also writes corporate blogs with a refreshing style. The US group presents its products as exciting stories. Even dry topics such as artificial intelligence in wind turbines can be scanned and understandable even for laypeople. 

Reason # 4: A Corporate Blog Builds An Expert Reputation 

Successful corporate blogs not only tell exciting anecdotes but also offer visitors added value. In this way, the companies establish themselves as experts in their business field. 

No dry product descriptions are required, but competent advice and Do It Yourself instructions - great content makes the difference here. A Google survey shows that 10 percent of our daily information needs consist of in-depth facts in a particular area. 

The Bigelow Tea Company, for example, has set up its corporate blog around its main product, tea. Teas, types of drinks, recipes, and even beauty treatments are explained to the reader. This is how the company strengthens its reputation as a tea expert. 

Reason # 5: A Corporate Blog Creates a Social Hub 

As a company, you most likely have a Facebook page or an Instagram account. To get followers, you need high-quality content regularly. Your blog posts are key to this. 

Long posts are often overlooked in social networks. On the other hand, in your corporate blog, you have the option of telling longer stories that are then shared.