Kenya is full of business opportunities, especially of tourism, and is open to commercializing with international customers from the European Union and the United Kingdom. For that reason, it is frequent for a lot of companies to take part in the market and take advantage of the feature. Also, be it for locals or foreign companies that want to register in Kenya, the process of Company Registration has taken some improvements from the Kenyan Government to make it easier than before.  

Thanks to the great biodiversity and geography, the country is a land of touristic locations that every year collects hundreds of millions of dollars; this reason makes Kenya a treasure for tourism that many want to take part in it. Also, with the high number of visitants that came to Kenya in regular times, or even only the great population that already lives there, various business opportunities are available to exploit by both local and foreign entrepreneurs. 

In addition to all that, there are many new businesses (souvenirs, kenya sticker printing etc) created frequently in the country. In these cases, the entrepreneurs confront the first problem beginner problem, choosing the right form of business. Besides, the best way is to establish a Limited Company and benefit from making a proper Company Registration.