● It’s What the Market Wants 

If you are running a business, it’s essential that you understand what your market wants. That’s where you will base all your points for improvement.

And we are not just talking about altering your products and services. Even your logos and other marketing materials must level with your audience. In this case, flat design is generally what people like today. 

Again, logos can be altered. That’s already an established fact and is proven by the big players.

Below is a quick list of organizations that changed their company logo over time. To date, they have a flat logo design to fit the trend and the current market. The question is, why are you not doing it? 


Netflix has dropped the shadowed lettering from its name, but retained the curve of the lower text line, reminiscent of old theater marquees. It’s one of the most subtle, yet transformative, re-works of any recent change in design, demonstrating how much can be done with minimal changes. 


Can you still remember the old Instagram logo design? It’s the image of an old camera with small rainbow stripes on the side. It was beautiful, iconic to say the least, but the company had to change it to simpler flat logo design.

According to Instagram, It was said that the design reflects how the app changed over the years. If you must know, Instagram used to be an app where you can edit your photos to look vintage. It wasn’t the social media giant as we know right now. 


Some people might ask, why does Google need to change its logo? Isn’t it already a tech juggernaut that doesn’t need to prove anything? Well, the company answered it and their response is quite profound. 

As a company, they understand that more people use their services on different devices. They want their logo to accommodate the demand. And that’s why they created a logo that is simpler so that everyone can read it, even those who are using a small screen. 


We are not saying that flat designs will be here forever. In fact, it can change, the same way our taste and preference change.

Thus, it’s safe to say that your company logo must have a core element or symbol first. That’s where you can base your flat design.

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