Wrong Choice of Glyphs

Typography designs like Times New Roman and Arial are not appropriate for most business communication needs, for example, business card. Even though people prefer to have their business contact information in a different font, this doesn't mean that they always get what they want.

Most designers use default typefaces and do not update these default fonts. As a result, when a company decides to switch to a new typeface, they find that most of the currently available fonts look horrible, or they simply cannot adjust the choice to make the body copy readable.

Most designers do not know about the availability of free vector fonts that can be easily downloaded from Adobe's website and used in place of Arial and Times New Roman. 

Poor Choice of Calligraphy

Many small companies think that it is more critical to have flashy typeface instead of a quality typography design, and that is why they choose calligraphy over anything else.

The problem is that calligraphy is not an easy art to learn. Most experienced calligraphers are not willing to start at the beginning and learn the basics of calligraphy design.

Although most people prefer to have a modern look, the current trend is more towards traditional calligraphy designs.