With a Professional Mark, You Can Create Your Brand:  

Another advantage of making a personalized stamp is that it will help you create brand recognition. As previously said, you can program your stamp to include your business logo so that you can print it on letters you send out.

This not only makes your letters look more professional, but it also serves as an excellent way to advertise your business.  

First impressions matter, and stamping the packages with an eye-catching business logo will make a good impact on first-time customers. People remember this kind of stuff, and if they need to buy something else, they may be inclined to shop from you again.

People who remember your brand are more likely to recommend you to their peers, which will help your company prosper.  

They Are Faster and Cleaner To Use: 

Self-inking stamps are useful little instruments and they are easier to use than conventional stamps. Self-inked stamp have the ink built-in, meaning you can use them straight away without using an additional ink pad. When you have to mail hundreds of letters and parcels in a single day, self-inking stamps will save you a lot of time.  

Because these stamps do not require an additional pad, they are also much less messy. Furthermore, these stamps are made to uniformly spread ink, meaning you won't have to think about smears on the papers or packages you're stamping.

You can't go wrong with self-inking stamps if you want to make your life simpler.