Business success consists of many elements and aspects. The combination of hard work, great team management, excellent product or service, and many other things influence a business to achieve its success! But another thing that cannot be missed in a successful business is good design. 

There is a saying if "good design is good business". Is that true? 

To get the answer to that question, let's take a look at several points about how important design is in business below!  

1. First Impressions Matter! 

People have a really short time of forming an impression and make snap judgments. In business, your audience's first impression of your brand will most likely determine what they'll do next. Because of that, it is necessary to create a good impression to open up more business opportunities. 

The first-time people encounter your business can be through various things such as websites, business cards, products, social media ads, or even flyers. But how to create a good impression through it all? In this case, good design is one of the keys to creating a good impression. That is why design is important to help businesses make a good impression of their business or brand.  

2. Good Design Makes People Trust 

After discussing that design help business to create a good impression, it also has an important role to play in creating people's trust. For instance, you access two business websites, the first one looks professional with a user-friendly design, and the other one looks ordinary with a confusing interface. Which one do you think looks more trusted and reliable? The first website, right? That is another thing about how important good design is in business.   

3. Design Helps Your Business Communicate in a Visually Pleasant Form 

In business, the design is used as a way to visually convey an idea or message. That is because a picture can say hundreds of words. A good design makes communication more effective because people process images faster than text. One of the most widely recognized design applications as a visual representation of values and goals is logos.   

4. A Good Design Grabs the Attention of the Audience 

In a day, we see lots of advertisement on social media, television or even in newspapers. But, do you notice all of them? I don't think that most people have enough time to notice every single ad and offer they see in a day. That's why they tend to only pay attention to what they find interesting!  

We all know that design is a way to make things more pleasing to the eye. But good design is also essential in attracting the attention of the audience who see your online ads, website, or even your product packaging. That is the reasons why, in business marketing, good design is always needed!  

5. Design Helps Your Business Stand Out 

You are not the only one on the market. There may be dozens or even hundreds of businesses that produce the same products as you. But don't worry, a good design can help you compete with others in the same niche. But how? 

For instance, you go to the market and you find many brands offer the same product. Which one will you choose? People may decide to buy the cheapest product among the same offers, or since people shop with their eyes, they will probably choose a product with a good design too!