Being part of the rubber-stamping community is one thing some people may consider outdated and unnecessary. This is due to technological advancement in all ramifications. The truth is, you may be right, there is technological advancement, but if you probably take a look at the reasons that advocate being a rubber stamp user, you may be convinced it's worth it. 

The use of a rubber stamp keeps your work organized. This is what the wise men of old tapped into by incorporating stamps into their activities. So, they receive a document or letter. They stamp it to reflect the day it was received. They go further to stamp it when it is read, and once they work on it, they also stamp it as processed. This helps you to stay organized.  

Whether it is a business or personal life, it also helps to create a workflow easily. From the example above, you can see a workflow from receiving to read to processed. Rubber stamping helped to develop that simple one. This also means you can detect where you stopped working on a document by looking at the stamp on the document.  

With a rubber stamp, you can easily create and promote a self or business brand. As young students, we used to have a logo on all our books to distinguish it from others. That's what branding is about. Imagine if that logo is crafted on a rubber stamp, and it is conveniently impressed on all the books. That's a personal brand created.  

It's the same way businesses are creating and enforcing their brand by having their logo impressed on all documents, bags, etc., carrying their products. So, if you have a small business, this is an inexpensive way of building and promoting your business brand. Get a rubber stamp for your business and start creating the impression. 

Here is another reason you should be part of the rubber stamp community, it helps prevent the frequent and stress of having to sign repeatedly, especially if your work requires a lot of signing or routine signing. This can be solved by using a Rubber signature stamp. If you sign several times to force life out of you, get a Rubber signature stamp for yourself.  

You can as well conveniently sign a document in your absence. So, your absence will not delay the process or workflow. You instruct someone to use the Rubber signature stamp on your behalf. That's a lot of relief, especially if you are not closeby and your absence could slow down the flow. Be clear that you still carry the legal responsibility of signing the document.  

For these reasons and many more, everyone should be a part of the rubber stamp community. Irrespective of why you think you should use a rubber stamp, it's worth trying out for your personal use and business needs. You can share your views on any stamps in the market be it :pre ink stamp, self ink stamp or even the traditional stamps this as well in the comment section.