What Is the Importance of a Company Cut?  

Even though it is optional, a company chop is also a valuable thing for Singapore companies because it helps to confirm the company's reputation.

When an official company chop signs off on corporate papers, they have a more official and genuine feel to them.  

What Details Can I Have on the Company Chop?  

If you wish to have a business chop, the following detail must be included:  

  • The identification number of your business  
  • The full name of the organization  
  • The official phone and fax numbers for your business  
  • The official registered address of your business  
  • The mark of your business  

In short, while a company chop is not needed, it is a convenient choice to consider if you own your own business in Singapore. It is handy, simple to use, and can save you a significant amount of time when it comes to approving paperwork.  

When Will a Company Chop Be Necessary?  

According to the Companies Act, a company's identification number must be legible on all corporate letters, account records, invoices, official notices, and articles purportedly published or signed on behalf of the company.  

As a result, in situations like this, a business chop would be requested, and it must contain the company's registration number for these particular records. If these records already have the company's name and registration number written on them, a chop isn't needed.