Access To Global Marketing: 

Your business is no longer recognized only by the people who live in that area or country. A small store can reach people worldwide using social media without spending a lot of money. 

The brand's ads will reach to national and international level. This benefit is now open to all companies, while previously only available to the most profitable and top businesses. 

Rise In E-Commerce: 

Because of their firm reliance on social media, consumers increasingly turn to e-commerce services that are readily accessible online. Customers can now browse items and buy their daily groceries while lying in bed. Market perceptions of companies have shifted as a result of the ease of online shopping.

A company could have both physical and online locations. Now businesses have access to a broader customer base thanks to global shipping margins that they would not have had otherwise.  

Trustworthy Customer Service: 

Customer support has always been an integral aspect of a company's operations, allowing consumers to contact the company with product or service-related questions or needs. 

Customers will repurchase and be loyal to a brand if the customer service manages to resolve problems. Customers use social media for quick customer service at any time of day. In the past, customer service was not so easy.

They'd have to write lengthy letters, call customer service, or fill out forms or even distributing flyer printing from which they could never hear back. But now, Facebook messenger and Instagram direct messages have made it easy for them.