We see them on the streets, attached to our notebooks or even in cars! They are all around us and everywhere we go. But why are there so many of them surrounding us and why do they seem to be in every place we look? This may be due to marketing purposes, which combines itself with the help of graphic designers and end up with amazing productions to promote their work or businesses. Sticker Printing comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but they are also used in different situations and that is why we see them all the time! 

1.Offer discounts. 

Everybody loves sales. When a business wants to catch people’s attention, it is most likely that they use stickers on their window’s shops or even attaching them on the items on sale to encourage people to buy them. These stickers usually have big numbers and bright colors on them because this may be more appealing and could cause a great impact on customer’s eyes. It is a great way to persuade people to buy these items right away! 

2.Significant business impact. 

If you are trying to get your business known, stickers with a creative design tend to be very important. That is how your work could get recognized and it may pique possible customer’s curiosity. This is a well-known marketing strategy developed to make people stop and stare and not just past by a business without giving a second look. Attaching them in random places near a store could be helpful to keep the customers attention on the brands design, which will make them remember it. 

3.Economic promotion. 

Not only printing stickers are how businesses usually start to develop a marketing strategy but also it is the most economic one. It is helpful due to the impact these stickers have. The cheaper they are, the more we are going to see them around. Attaching them in the items that are on sale or even handing them down is attractive, which may draw customers’ attention and could urge them to look for more information about the brand and even buy more! 

4.Technology supports stickers.  

It may have not been easy to print stickers a few years ago, but now technology gives us the opportunity to make them in all the shapes and sizes needed to advertise the business or special offers. Printing them now is faster and its quality is much better which makes the colors stand up even more and makes the designs pop up in your eyes! Printing stickers is easier now and that is probably why we tend to see them everywhere.