1. It Can Convey An Emotion or An Idea

Graphic design is all about visual communication. Through typography, we can heighten the message of a design in a clear and legible way.

In a design that's primarily image-based, the typography needs to be strong enough to get noticed. In a text-heavy design, we need to use typography design in order to differentiate different sections and call attention to important messages.

Either way, there needs to be an intentional and harmonious balance between different competing elements in order to get the primary message across quickly and easily. 

2. Typography Can Encourage People To Keep Reading 

We live in a time period where it is very difficult to catch people's attention, people are really cheesy in what they want to read, this is because there is typography everywhere you look.

So choosing fonts that are easy to read, catch their attention using hierarchy to make them read as much as possible.

Give users something that will help them focus on the content rather than the formatting. 

3. Typography Can Establish Brand Recognition 

A powerful role of typography in graphic design is to establish and grow brand recognition. This is especially true when it comes to recognised logo design.

When you think about popular brands like Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson, and Disney, you can easily visualize their unique logotype in your mind. 

The same concept holds true for other variations of graphic design; for instance, the simple, sans-serif typeface Instagram uses for their app user interface.

Creating brand recognition through typography helps create a unique attachment and feeling of familiarity between the brand and the consumer.