Dos of Wordmark Logos 

Whether you like to have a sober or colourful or vibrant design of a logotype, there are all types available. But there are just a few pointers to keep in mind when creating one. Read below to find out more: 

Add Shapes: One way which is used by many designers is to add shapes to the logo. They combine the alphabets into shape, just like LinkedIn and Showtime. Shapes add a better visual effect to the logo. A colourful form looks unique and distinctive. 

Proper Letter Casing Letter Spacing: Choosing the best cases for letters is no big task. But it is essential to keep in mind when deciding the logo. A proper combination of the upper and lower case of alphabets can help to make a logo outstanding and become unique. You can also switch the letter casing to see what suits the best for your brand. 

Choice of Colours: When you don’t have anything other than alphabets than colours play a significant role in adding attraction. It helps to make your brand logo differentiate from others. The more the colours, the more it would cause an attraction in the viewer’s eye. Sometimes bold colours help to produce an elegant effect. Whether you add more shades or just one, it will always look good with fewer efforts. Just like the Google logo, where they have coloured the G. It is necessary to choose colours wisely to portray the logo in a better way. 

Don’ts of Wordmark Logos 

Don’t use a Branded Typeface: Resist the urge to use typefaces inspired by the custom typography of well-known companies. Anyone who looks at your impressive logo design will automatically think of the established brand, which is bad for business. A good logo should help build recognition for your unique business. Don’t make a bad impression right from the start by piggybacking on another brand’s success. 

Don’t pick an overused typeface: Many popular typefaces, such as Helvetica or Verdana, have a reputation for being cliché. Using them, especially unchanged, can instantly make your wordmark look generic.

Look for eye-catching typefaces that are both readable and interesting. Thousands of professionally designed fonts are available online, so take time to compare different options. 

Don’t overload the design with too many competing elements: The Big Board logo while it’s okay to have more than one focal point, make sure your wordmark reads cleanly from left to right.

Excessive decoration leads to a muddled design. Look out for off-putting elements that take away from your wordmark.