3. Daily Pic

Daily Pic is another app that works with Bing. This app lets you use the wallpapers from Bing to be applied to the home and lock screens of your desktop. You can even set it to automatically download new wallpapers daily.

Just like the other free version of the app, this wallpaper app contains ads. However, there is a paid version in which you can experience full features, including setting the widget and dock.

4. Picturethrill

This desktop app provides wallpapers from multiple categories. With Picturethrill, you can get a new wallpaper set on your desktop every day automatically.

All you need to do is install this app on your PC. You can choose the site that you like to provide your daily desktop wallpaper, including Bing. This simple app is light so it won't affect your PC's performance.

5. Lively Wallpaper by Rocksdanister

This app is known as FOSS or Free and Open Source Software. Lively not only sets pictures or images as your desktop wallpapers, but it is also able to set videos, GIFs, and even dynamic web pages. Those all can adjust monitor settings.

Lively is powered by MPV and VLC players. You can give filters to the videos too. This app is also powered by Chrome, making any HTML file and URL able to be set as desktop wallpapers.

This sophisticated app supports dark and light modes as well. The wallpaper playback will be automatically paused when you run other apps in fullscreen mode.

Those great apps for Windows 10 can help you get wallpapers that you like. Moreover, if you set the app to automatically change the wallpaper every day, be prepared to get a fresh look at your desktop every day.