Pandemics are not an excuse for stopping us from working and being productive. But as a result, most of us may experience the same thing, namely having to work or even study from home. 

Working from home sounds good because we don't have to take the subway to the office, or drive for about 30 minutes. But the bad news is that many people find working from home to be more stressful and unproductive than working from the office. 

If you are one of those people who have difficulty being more productive while working from home, maybe a few tips below can help you overcome this condition!  

So, here is the list!  

1. Dress Up! 

Before we further dive into the first tip, let me first ask a few questions. What do you wear to work from home? Are you wearing your pyjamas? Or you just dress up as usual as when you go to the office?  

Actually, there are no rules about how we dress when we work from home. But wearing T-shirt or any regular home clothes is not a good choice. Why? Because when we wear it, we feel that we are at home, relaxed and comfortable. But, if you dress appropriately, in a professional blouse, jeans, or even wear your watch, it will make you feel that you are ready for work. As a result, it can make you even more productive.  

2. Working Space 

One of the things that makes it difficult for you to be productive while working from home is because you can work anywhere, like in the living room where you can watch television at the same time. That is the reason at this point, you need to have a distinct room as your working space at home. Is that important to do? Yes, it is! By having a specific workspace, you can minimize distraction and be more focus on your work.  

Note: You don't have to make the whole room your home office, because you can turn a certain corner of a specific room into your working space.  

3. Minimize Distractions 

When you work from home, you can watch television or even open your social media, without worrying about your boss. That is why the level of distraction can be higher than when you work from an office. Because of that, you should minimize all things that can be a distraction. For instance, you can log out of your Instagram and Facebook account from your phone, so you don't have to see every updates and notification from social media. 

4. Maintain Working Hours 

Many people complain about their working hours while working from home. Most of them have the same problem which is forgetting time. As a result of that problem, for some people, working from home make them lost their balance. The bad thing is that it can be physically and mentally harmful to them. 

So, how to deal with this condition? The answer is to maintain your working hours! Even if you work from home, you still need to make your job a routine and manage your time! For example, if you want to work 8 hours per day, you need to make a plan that you will work - only from 9 am-5 pm