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Print and use your own flyers with pride! Get the whole process started by messaging us through email (, ordering through our whatsapp  +65 81820938 or directly order from our website. 

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Flyers Printing A4 Offset Price

Flyer Printing A3 Offset Price

Print and use your own flyers with pride! Get the whole process started by messaging us through email (, ordering through our whatsapp  +65 81820938 or directly order from our website.

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Flyer/ Leaflet/ Brochure Printing

We offer you high quality Singapore flyer printing or brochure printing services with single or double sided full colour printing in assortment of sizes and paper types.

We mainly have assisted many cafes, schools, tuition centres, restaurants and corporate clients in their flyer or brochure printing needs.

We specialise in flyer printing using digital printing  and offset printing machines which allows customer to choose whether they want to print and collect express flyer in 2 working days - order on Day 1 before 5pm and collect on Day 3  after 3pm. 

Alternatively, go for offset print which is cheaper and our leadtime is 5-7 working days.

Our prices are 100% affordable, and use flyers to attract your customers now!!!

Flyers Printing / Brochure Printing Sizes:

  • A3
  • A4
  • A5

Available Paper Type:

  • 80gsm Simili Paper
  • 100gsm Simili Paper
  • 128gsm Art Paper
  • 157gsm Art Paper
  • 210gsm Art Card
  • 230gsm Art Card
  • 310gsm Art Card

*For certain types of paper or card type, matt finishing is available. Do play around with our price calculator to find out the price and more!

Flyers too heavy? Too busy to come collect your flyers? We now offer delivery service from as low as $18 only!!

Seller Arranged Delivery Options: 

  • 300 to 2000 pieces ($18)
  • 2001 to 5000 pieces ($35)
  • 5001 pieces and above ($49)

Lead time for printing:

5-7 working days after artwork confirmation and full payment is processed.

Print and use your own flyers with pride! Get the whole process started by messaging us through email (, ordering through our whatsapp  +65 81820938 or directly order from our website. 

Artwork Preparation details:

  • Clients must submit their own artwork (softcopy) online via our website or drop us an email at
  • An additional designing fee of $40 will be incurred if artwork designing is required.
    • FYI this is up to a maximum of 3 changes
  • Please ensure that all artwork files meet the artwork and file specifications stated below

Artwork and File Specifications:

  • Files must be in CMYK colour and in high resolution
  • Artwork has to bleed 3cm each on all sides

What is the Difference between Flyer, Brochure and Leaflet printing?

The brochures are editorial and advertising designs that want to communicate to a public in a more selective and sometimes personalized way. They are larger than flyers and contain more information than these. They can be diptychs, triptychs, leaflets, etc. They support campaigns to sell products or services giving more information about them. Inside the brochures, there are different types which are leaflet-shaped brochures that are placed on the doorknobs, in the mirrors of the corks and the "perching" in which one side of the brochure it is out of the mailbox to make it more striking. These are some of them but there are many more.

The flyer by its side is an advertising format of a smaller size that is distributed in large quantities to the general public that circulates in the street on foot. They usually occur at the exit of the schools, near the nightclubs...

Flyer, Brochure & Leaflet Printing Guideline in Singapore

  • All good brochures will include visual elements. The images you select should complement your text. A compelling cover photo can be the key to your audience withdrawing your brochure and acting on your message.
  • High-quality photos and illustrations show a commitment to the quality you want your brand to reflect. Choose software that includes options for cropping or masking, changing saturation and contrast, and aligning the image.
  • Most printers cannot print to the edge of the paper. This may result in a white border around its content. To achieve a design that extends to the edge, use a printing technique called full bleed. This allows you to trim the printed document to give it the desired visual design, without annoying white spaces.
  • If you are printing from home, try a printed brochure to make sure the bleeding is what you predict. If you are using a professional printer or a photocopy shop, contact them to make sure your brochure will look like it was intended.
  • Decide what you want to say on the cover, the back cover and the body of the brochure. Make sure your message is consistent and easy to understand. Front covers sell your product or service, back covers provide contact information, and the inside page usually tells a story or provides pricing options (for example, different types of beverages served in a cafeteria or in spa packages)
  • When it comes to sources, less is more. Choose a font for the body of the text, with a complementary font for titles or headings. Complementary sources are two sources that are different enough to seem deliberate. Often they will be a serif font and a sans-serif font.
  • Use simple, easy-to-read fonts without an excess of ornaments to better communicate with your readers. Choose a font colour that is easily readable compared to the background colour. Dark sources stand out on clear backgrounds, and vice versa.

Our Flyer, Brochure and Leaflet Services in Singapore

We print and fold A4 and A3 size leaflet, regardless of the type of paper, from the thinnest for leaflets of medicines to a higher weight, such as tourist guides or street. We also work folding a higher grammage, such as that made for tourist brochures, diptychs or triptychs. We are also expert in brochure printing and other types of printing services.

The whole process is carried out in our workshop, without outsourcing any stage, so we get a cost adjusted for the client.

To achieve the highest quality and possible printing finish, we need the best technical and human resources in constant training, in every print job to be done.

Our printing workshops are equipped with the most modern machines on the market and using the latest technologies in the sector, always being in continuous improvement, manufacturing with enormous speed and always achieving the highest quality.

With offset printing machines for different sizes and characteristics (printing of stationery, brochures, books, etc.) and digital printing and plotter machines for the printing of small quantities in colour.

We are expert in:

  • Printing of Flyers/ leaflets/ brouchers in B&W or coloured on one or two sides in a quite a few different paper material.
    • Ideal for product sheets - Mailing - Event flyer - Prospect - Advertising - Greeting card. Choose a size to see the prices and Buy.
    • Popular paper materials are 80gsm Woodfree paper, 128gsm Artpaper and 157gsm Artpaper

We offer 3 different size flyer printing, A3, A4 and A5 with size of 29.7cm x 42cm, 21cm x 29.7cm and 14.8cm x 21cm respectively.

The advertising brochures or flyers, is the oldest way to advertise, even when the printing press was not invented, to distribute pamphlets or brochures with the same image or text, was the way to warn or announce a business or an offer, and any commercial. 

For more info regarding our Flyer, Brochure and Leaflet services get in touch with us.

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