Instant Self ink Company Rubber Stamp & Chop Maker

Instantaneous Self Inking Rubber Stamp / Chop Maker

Regardless of the occasion, if you are looking for a customised self-inking rubber stamp maker to process your order instantly but do not want to sacrifice quality in any way shape or form, then you have found the right designers! At Kiasu Print, you will find a wide variety of models to choose from at very reasonable prices.

Please feel free to whatsapp us at +65 81820938 to order to email us at or simply order online

Some of our popular pre & self-inking rubber stamp ranges include:

Company pre & self inking rubber stamps (Round or Rectangular)

Our pre & self inking rubber stamps that come with a clear indication of properly spelled company names and their UEN (unique entity number) are the ideal choice to customise if you have official documents to acknowledge. Not only does it give the deal authenticity, the legitimacy of signed contracts and the like can easily be tracked down. If you run a business that requires you having to look through and approve multiple documents throughout the day, it would save you from so much hassle by allowing you to get more authorised in a shorter amount of time.

Our company pre & self-inking rubber stamps are:

Pocket-sized self-inking rubber stamps (Rectangular)

For the modern-day businessman who spends most of their time traveling, it would be awfully inconvenient to lug about the bulky company & rubber stamps when they’re on the move. This is why we’ve decided to make pocket-sized pre & self-inking rubber stamps available to all our customers in an instant.

Our pocket-sized self-ink rubber stamp chops are:

Key-chain rubber stamps

Suitable for all demographics including children and even working professionals like teachers, our keychain rubber stamps are easily customisable for multiple uses and the perfect affordable gift items!

When you’re purchasing our keychain rubber stamps, you’re getting a rubber stamp that’s:

Why get your self-ink rubber stamps and chops from us?

Kiasus understand the stresses of managing between budget and business progress on the daily, so our instant & fast services are specifically designed to bring you the best possible benefits! When you select us as your company pre & self-inking rubber stamp maker, we can process your order in just 8 to 15 minutes after you have confirmed your desired design and made your payment. We can also fine tune our responses for you if you’re able to let us know your urgency while you’re placing orders! What’s more, most of our stamp options (with the exception of keychain stamps) can be delivered to you for free as long as you order 2 or more!

How do you order stamps from us?

That’s easy! Simply visit our website and look for the stamp type you want or contact our team members for further customisation help! Once you confirm the art you want to use and have paid for your order, the Kiasus will get started with making your rubber stamp!


$8 Keychain / Name / Nurses Stamps

$8 Keychain / Name / Nurses Stamps

Handy and Portable Name Stamps for daily use! $8 Only

Usually for 1 or 2 lines and popular as name or nurses stamp.

Small keychain stamp artwork size about 6mm height by 24mm width. 

Round Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Round Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Instant 10 Mins Express Round Company Rubber Stamps available here!

Always a popular choice for companies in Singapore to pick as a personalized company rubber stamp maker and name chop. 

Rectangle Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Rectangle Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Instant Express Rectangle Company Rubber Stamps Service! 

Suitable as a signature stamps & chop maker, bank account number stamps to rectangle customized company address stamps.

Rectangle Pocket Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Rectangle Pocket Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Convenient and Portable Rectangle Pocket Company Rubber Stamp Available Here!

Best for one that requires frequent stamping when outstationed or on the go. 

Teacher Stamps

Teacher Stamps

Personalize teacher stamps to grade and encourage your students!

Choice of own wordings and images as per your thoughts.

Normal Rubber Stamp / Chop

Normal Rectangle Rubber Stamp

Normal Rectangle Rubber Stamp

Cheap normal rubber stamps available here now!

Able to get within 2-3 working days after confirmation of artwork. Such stamps require ink pad.

Normal Round/ Oval Rubber Stamp

Normal Round/ Oval Rubber Stamp

Get your normal round/ oval rubber stamp here now!

Low cost option with about 2-3 working days leadtime.

Common / Company / Wax Seal

Easy-To-Use Common / Company Seal Options

A good common / company seal can be used as a way to officially approve important company agreements like leases, contracts and more. For business owners who are looking to design and customise their own common seals, it’s important to first identify the features you will need for your ideal common seal.

Do whatsapp us at +65 81820938 to proceed with ordering, or you can email us at Alternatively you can also simply order online through our website.

With us here at Kiasu Print, you’ll be better able to find what you need with our range of common seals that are available for customisation. Some of what we’re able to provide includes:

Pocket-Sized Common / Company Seal

Our pocket-sized common seals can be designed according to requirements and easily applied to documents whenever necessary. What makes it our current bestseller is that it is considerably lightweight and can be used whenever you want. It is also durable enough to withstand traveling so our customers can basically carry it with them without fear of damaging it.

Our company seal are:

Table-Styled Seal

Table seal are a larger version of common seals and highly recommended by us if you find yourself having to use them on a hefty amount of paperwork on a daily basis. Our table seal range is available in different sizing so make sure you know which one best suits your requirements!

Our table seal come in features that include:

Wax Company Seal

Not a fan of the common seal or table seal and prefer something old school yet reliable? We can do that for you in the form of wax company seals. Wax company seals not only provide a touch of legitimacy to your official documents, they can also be used in a variety of different occasions like weddings or even decorations.

Our wax company seals come with the inclusion of:

Why should you order company seals from us Kiasus?

That’s because we value your satisfaction more than anything else. All of our products that we have taken the time to introduce over the years were all first researched and tested for durability. You won’t even have to overspend on your budget thanks to the fact that we have arranged for our price packages to be beneficial to you. You’ll be given a list of options to select almost every step of the way so you will have the opportunity to reduce your expenditure even further!

How do you even begin to start ordering your common seals from us?

That’s a fairly simple process: You can do so by filling in the order form linked to you through our products page on our website or contacting our helpful sales representatives for order processing and discussions. Once you have made the order, confirmed the artwork you’d like to use and given the approval, our specialists will get started with creating your seals right away!

Common / Company Seals

Common / Company Seals

Get your common seal to certify your company's important documents now!

Generally for Company Documents such as Share Certificates, Registers, Certificate of Incumbency use. $49 for 3 Days, $89 for next Day and $129 for 4 Hr Express


Table Seals

Table Seals

Get Table Seal to Create Imprints!

Generally for embossing/ imprint on certificates and heavier usage.

Comes in either 36mm / 48mm diameter. Choose our 3 Days, Next Day and 4 Hour Express.

Wax Seal

Wax Seal

Get the traditional wax seal from us now!

Generally ideal for confiential documents,  corporate documents, law documents, wedding cards, envelopes & letters.

Business Card / Namecard Printing

Singapore Cheapest Name Card / Business Card Printing

Sometimes all you need to make an impression to your potential customers and investors is just a good quality & instant business card that you’d be proud to represent your company with. Here at Kiasu Print, we’re committed to helping you do just that fast & on the same day (before 12 noon)! So if you’re looking for affordable yet good quality business card printing choices, we are happy to help!

Do whatsapp us  (+65 81820938 )to start your order. You can also email us at or order online via our website.

Our name card printing are reliable, fast, low price, No GST with free Delivery. Its options include:

Standard Business Name Card Card Printing (with Lamination)

Not only is adding lamination to your instant business cards relatively low cost when you order from us, doing so also gives it an added smooth luxurious feel compared to regular printed name cards, which can convey your attention to detail to potential customers.

Our standard business name card is:

  • Priced the same regardless of 1 side or 2 sided printing
  • Wallet-friendly sizing (90mm x 54mm)
  • Printed using Premium Art Card for better quality (260 or 310 GSM)
  • Compatible with hot stamping options
  • Highly customisable with wide range of name card templates

Name Card Printing (with Spot UV Finish)

Spice up your business card design with a raised glossy texture and combine uniqueness with subtle appeal! If you have designs with sections you want to ‘highlight’ then spot UV finish is the right choice.

Our Spot UV finish applied name cards are:

  • Standard sized (90mm x 54mm) but can be customised
  • Printed with 260GSM or 310GSM Premium Art Cards
  • Spot UV can be applied on just 1 side or 2 sides

Digital Printed Business Cards

Decided you can do without lamination? Then try out our fast digital printed name cards instead! For business owners who’re looking for cheaper options and a quick turnaround rate, our digital printed name cards are an excellent alternative!

Our digital printed name cards are:

  • Printed within a faster turnaround time
  • Available in either Premium art card (260GSM) or Ivory card (230GSM)

Business Card Printing (with Gloss Varnish)

Those interested in high shine can also consider printing name cards with a gloss varnish! This finishing option will make your name cards appear sleek as well as professional with both visual impact and also touch!

Our gloss varnish printed name cards are:

  • Usually printed in standard sizing but can be customised into something smaller
  • Luxurious to the touch
  • Wallet-friendly

Synthetic Business Card Printing

Long-term investments on name card design can be worthwhile for the future to come. If you are looking for a good option to experiment with and continue using for an extended time, then try out our instant synthetic business cards!

Our synthetic name cards are:

  • Fairly tear resistant and travel-friendly
  • Waterproof and printed on synthetic cards (500GSM)
  • Available in 1 sided printing with standard sizing

Express Name Card Printing

Our talented Kiasu team can also print your name cards within 5 hours after you submit your own printable art file and confirm the artwork template to use. You can then collect them on the same day. However, we also want you to note that all instant & express printing has to have artwork confirmed before 12 pm or it’d be next day collecting.

Our fast & express printing can be done on standard name card sizing with material like:

  • Matt White (250GSM, extra charges for 300GSM)
  • Art Cards (260GSM, added charges for 300 GSM)
  • Marble White (250GSM, with additional charges)
  • Textured paper (250GSM, with added charges)

How to print business cards with us?

To order, you can visit our official website and choose the product you want to be led directly into the order section. Alternatively, you can also contact our sales representatives through email at if you have further customisation requests and we will assist you shortly. Once you have made your order (minimum 2 boxes unless they are synthetic cards, in which case the minimum is 1), you’ll be asked to complete payments and confirm the template you want to use. We will then process your order within 4 to 5 working days!


(Matt Lamination) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

(Matt Lamination) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

Professional and sleek Business Cards to leave a deep impression!

Create cards that will surprise you with its final outlook.

(Spot UV Finish) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

(Spot UV Finish) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

Luxurious or unique looking name cards to stand out from competitors!

Create glossy finish on select elements to catch your client's first attention.

Art Card / Ivory Card - Name Card Printing (No Lamination)

Art Card / Ivory Card - Name Card Printing (No Lamination)

Impress clients with your creative name cards now! 

Create your business cards with shorter turn around time that leaves the first impression.

(Synthetic Card) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

(Synthetic Card) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

Wateproof & tear proof synthetic  cards available here!

Best for lifeguards, boat captains, trade businesses, lanscapers.


Express Digital Name Card Printing

Express Digital Name Card Printing

Low MOQ, Express name card printing using digital print available here!

6 different card type for you, collect in 5 hours after artwork is confirmed!!

(Gloss Varnish & Sandblast) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

(Gloss Varnish & Sandblast) Name Cards / Business Cards Printing

Smooth and Glossy Namecards available here now!

Gloss varnish with sandblast finishing namecards is now available!

Envelope / Letterhead Printing

Envelope Printing

Envelope Printing

Enhanced envelopes to boost branding and reputation!

Fast and cheapest and Low MOQ envelope printing right here.

Letterhead Printing

Letterhead Printing

Likeable letterheads to incease professionalism!

Customize letterheads according to your company's design for all your stationery needs here now.

Flyer/ Leaflet / Brochure

Brochure / Flyers Printing

Brochure / Flyers Printing

Print Cheap Flyers / Brochure to Advertise Your Products Here Now!

Best traditional method to broadcast your product offerings to the public using our reliable flyers / brochure printing services


Custom Small Sticker Label Printing (Mirrorkote, Simili, Transparent)

Small Sized Singapore Sticker or Label Printing

In the corporate world, sticker (cheap, custom & quality mirrorkote, etc) can be used for so many different purposes depending on how one wants to include them in their business. So if you’re looking to print your own customised good quality stickers label that is easy to use, economically friendly and durable, Kiasu Print has what you need!

Please feel free to whatsapp us at +65 81820938 to order to email us at or simply order online

Our sticker printing in Singapore ranges come in different options like:

4C Economical Stickers (Standard Sized)

Considered one of the most affordable options in our sticker ranges, our 4C standard sized are easy to personalise and use for company logos, names and other essentials! If you want a custom size, you can also contact our staff to arrange the details.

Our 4C Standard is:

  • Available in multiple sizes for different needs
  • Customisable on Simili or Transparent sticker
  • Customisable on cheap & high quality Mirrorkote, with and without finishing (Matt or Glossy)

Rectangular/Square Stickers & Labels Printing (Small)

For companies in Singapore that use a lot of labels for their projects, us Kiasus are able to print them with sizing that is currently popular in the market. Depending on your needs, we also have material that you can easily write on with either a ballpoint pen or a pencil.

Our rectangular/square are:

  • Available in either Simili, Transparent or Mirrorkote material
  • Additional finishes (Glossy or Matt) with Mirrorkote is also available
  • Easily personalised at affordable rates
  • Diverse in size options

Round/Oval Stickers & Labels (Small)

Apart from the standard square or rectangular shapes, our stickers and labels also come in either oval or round shapes. Much like the rectangular ones, certain options can also give you the ease needed to write on them.

Our Oval/Round are:

  • Available in popular sizing preferences
  • Writable in Simili material
  • Also available in either Transparent or Mirrorkote (with or without added finishes) 

How to Order:

You can visit our official Kiasu Print website for a direct order form or contact our sales team for help! Make sure to have your artwork template ready in either Ai or PDF and either email it to us or upload it via the order form on our website. Our team will then begin to process after the art is confirmed and you have made your payments! It’s just as straightforward and simple as that!

4C Standard Size Stickers (Most Economical)

4C Standard Size Stickers (Most Economical)

Order your personalized standard sizes stickers for daily business use or company events here now!

Most economical & available in a few different types of custom & personalised paper sticker printing eg. mirrorkote or simili.

*Small* Rectangular and Square Stickers / Labels

*Small* Rectangular and Square Stickers / Labels

Customize and print your rectangular and square stickers with us now!

Suitable for packaging boxes, organizing, daily stationary use and more with our online stickers maker.