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Professional logos are ideal for branding since it will determine whether you or your competitor is the one who leaves the deepest impression in the consumer’s. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing yet professional business logo, Kiasu Print’s designers are ready to provide their expertise at a price of $288 only!

Generally after all essentials are communicated between the client and our designers, clients will receive the completed logo design with 4 Logo Design Concept in either PDF, JPG or Vector file formats.

Additionally, there is no limitation on the design revision. Therefore, this means that you are able to revise the design until you feel that it is the best! What are you waiting for? Contact our Kiasu staff now @ sales@kiasuprint.com

Lead time:

5 to 7 working days, in effect once full payment has been made

What are the types of logo?

  • Lettermarks (or monogram logos)

Lettermarks or monogram logos is the simplest type of logo which compromises a few letters, usually is the company’s initial to create a unique mark that can best represent the company. Such logo is useful for companies with long company names.

  • Wordmarks

A Wordmark logo is similar to a lettermark logo as both are font-based. The difference between the two is that the wordmark logo will reflect the whole company name.

Such logo type will be best for companies with unique, catchy and distinct company names and when combined with the design of the logo, it increases the brand recognition. However, just make sure that your company name is not too long or else, your logo may turn out to look very cluttered.

  • Pictorial marks (or brand/ logo symbols)

A Pictorial mark consist of only symbols, drawings or even icons, without any wordings. Usually, such logo will make use of recognizable symbols, images to catch the attention of their customers.

Pictorial marks are the best when being incorporated onto marketing materials as the logo can be placed on products or anywhere suitable. As such, customers will be able to spot and recognize the pictorial mark and relate it to the company which will in turn increase the brand awareness. 

  • Abstract logo marks

An abstract logo mark will simply allow you to portray what your company does and your brand in a single abstract geometric form image. Instead of just using recognizable symbols or images as your logo, an abstract logo will enable you to create something unique and solely for your brand.

  • Mascots

A mascot is the ambassador of the brand which is usually in cartoon format as it often appeals as fun to children and families. The benefit of this is that it encourages interaction when you bring your mascot live and when customers see it, they will tend to want to take a picture with it.

As such, pictures will be posted onto social media which will in turn increase the brand recognition over time.

  • The combination mark

A combination mark has a combination of both words, images or icons. (Combination of Lettermarks or Wordmarks with Pictorial mark or Abstract logo marks or Mascot.

With such logo, customers will be able to associate your brand name with your logo right away and in the long, you may even just have your iconic logo without including the name and still it is recognizable.

  • The Emblem

This type of logo consists of words inside a symbol or icon just like badges and crests and they usually have the traditional appearance. As such, this kind of logo is more commonly used for schools or even government agencies.

Being so that the emblem is usually more detailed, when designing, one has to be mindful that the logo may shrink when placed on items like the business cards which will result in reading difficulty. Therefore, the key to this is to keep your design simple.

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