Instant Pre-inked / Self Inking Rubber Stamp (Key Chain / Name Stamp)

Make 1 or More Keychain Stamp, we send to you by Normal Mail!!

$40 and Above we Courier it to you!!! 

We specialise in making personalised Name Stamp for kids, SAF, SPF, HOMETEAM, Nurse Stamp, Message Stamp, Teacher stamp using the model size KC1028. It comes in different colour for the keychain stamp holder such as purple, blue, green, red, black, pink that is such to suit your needs.

We can make it instantly and it is handy, small, comes with waterproof ink anf it only cost $8 only!!

 Looking for something small and easy to carry around without getting it lost for Children, Students or even professionals such as Nurses or Teachers? Our Key Chain Rubber stamps is the best choice for you.

You can customize your name and even add in a small picture for stamping on paper products such as notebooks, textbooks, labels and more. Such stamps are also usually perfect for gifts as it allows one personalize each and every gift.

Begin your customisation process by whatsapp messaging us through +65 81820938, emailing us, or making use of the 24/7 ordering section on our website. 

Keychain Stamp & Price:

  • Keychain Stamp KC1028, artwork size 6mm x 24mm - $8

Round Self Ink Stamp Models & Price:

  • Keychain Stamp KC13, 10mm artwork diameter - $15
  • KP19, 15mm artwork diameter - $19
  • KP26, 22mm artwork diameter - $19 [Most Popular]
  • KP35, 31mm artwork diameter - $26
  • KP47, 43mm artwork diameter - $36
  • KP54, 50mm artwork diameter - $38
To get started with customising, do whatsapp us through +65 81820938, email us through, or make use of 24/7 online ordering section on our website. 

Rectangle Self Ink Stamp Models & Price:

  • KP1442, artwork size 10mm x 38mm - $14 (2 lines max)
  • KP1340, artwork size 9mm x 36mm - $18  (2 lines max)
  • KP1370, artwork size 9mm x 66mm - $22 (2 lines max)
  • KP1755, artwork size 13mm x 51mm - $24 (3 lines max)
  • KP1767, artwork size 13mm x 63mm - $25 (3 lines max)
  • KP2255, artwork size 19mm x 51mm - $26 (4 lines max)
  • KP2878, artwork size 24mm x 74mm - $29 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP3255, artwork size 28mm x 51mm - $28 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP4367, artwork size 39mm x 63mm - $34 (7-9 lines max)
  • KP5367, artwork size 49mm x 63mm - $38 (9-11 lines max)
  • KP6760, artwork size 62mm x 55mm - $40 
  • KP78103, artwork size 73mm x 98mm - $60 
  • KP90130, artwork size 85mm x 125mm - $80 

Pocket Stamp Models & Price:

  • KPP1949, artwork size 15mm x 45 mm - $20 
  • KPP2459, artwork size 20mm x 55 mm - $26

General Features:

  • Small and handy
  • Hooked with a Key Chain
  • Strong waterproof ink
Design your own today! Do drop us a whatsapp message at  +65 81820938, email us through, or make use of 24/7 online ordering options on our website. 

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