Easy-To-Use Common / Company Seal Options

A good common / company seal can be used as a way to officially approve important company agreements like leases, contracts and more. For business owners who are looking to design and customise their own common seals, it’s important to first identify the features you will need for your ideal common seal.

Do make your order by sending us a message in whatsapp (+65 81820938) or emailing us (sales@kiasuprint.com). Alternatively you can also simply order online through our website (24/7).

With us here at Kiasu Print, you’ll be better able to find what you need with our range of common seals that are available for customisation. Some of what we’re able to provide includes:

Pocket-Sized Common / Company Seal

Our pocket-sized common seals can be designed according to requirements and easily applied to documents whenever necessary. What makes it our current bestseller is that it is considerably lightweight and can be used whenever you want. It is also durable enough to withstand traveling so our customers can basically carry it with them without fear of damaging it.

Common Seal Model & Price:

  • Common Seal, artwork size 35 mm (diameter) - $49 (3 working days)
  • Common Seal, artwork size 35 mm (diameter)- $89 (1 day express)
  • Common Seal, artwork size 35 mm (diameter)-$129 (4 hour express)

Our company seal are:

  • Built for convenience and easily stored (only 35mm and 370g)
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble (you can also choose to collect them either way)
  • Used with stickers in red, silver or gold (5 free common seal stickers with each seal purchase)
Have questions? Want to make an order? Do so  by sending us a whatsapp message (+65 81820938) or emailing us (sales@kiasuprint.com). You can also order from us online through our website (24/7).

Table-Styled Seal

Table seal are a larger version of common seals and highly recommended by us if you find yourself having to use them on a hefty amount of paperwork on a daily basis. Our table seal range is available in different sizing so make sure you know which one best suits your requirements!

Table Seal Model & Price:

  • Table Seal, artwork size 36 mm (diameter) - $60 (3 working days)
  • Table Seal, artwork size 36 mm (diameter) - $119 (1 day express)
  • Table Seal, artwork size 36 mm (diameter) - $159 (4 hour express)
  • Table Seal, artwork size 48 mm (diameter)- $80 (3 working days)
  • Table Seal, artwork size 48 mm (diameter) - $139 (1 day express)
  • Table Seal, artwork size 48 mm (diameter) - $179 (4 hour express)

Our table seal come in features that include:

  • A comfortable sizing (36mm or 48mm)
  • Free 5 common seal stickers to use with each seal purchase
  • User-friendly designs

Wax Company Seal

Not a fan of the common seal or table seal and prefer something old school yet reliable? We can do that for you in the form of wax company seals. Wax company seals not only provide a touch of legitimacy to your official documents, they can also be used in a variety of different occasions like weddings or even decorations.

Wax Seal Model & Price:

  • Table Seal, artwork size 25 mm (diameter) - $45 (4 working days)
  • Table Seal, artwork size 25 mm (diameter) - $85 (Next Day)

Our wax company seals come with the inclusion of:

  • Convenient sizing (25 mm)
  • Secured and useful bottle of wax (if necessary)
  • Crisp sharp designs when embossed onto the wax
Get a personalised seal of your own! Drop us a whatsapp message (+65 81820938) or email us (sales@kiasuprint.com).  You can alternatively choose to order directly online from our website (24/7).

Why should you order company seals from us Kiasus?

That’s because we value your satisfaction more than anything else. All of our products that we have taken the time to introduce over the years were all first researched and tested for durability. You won’t even have to overspend on your budget thanks to the fact that we have arranged for our price packages to be beneficial to you. You’ll be given a list of options to select almost every step of the way so you will have the opportunity to reduce your expenditure even further!

How do you even begin to start ordering your common seals from us?

That’s a fairly simple process: You can do so by filling in the order form linked to you through our products page on our website or contacting our helpful sales representatives for order processing and discussions. Once you have made the order, confirmed the artwork you’d like to use and given the approval, our specialists will get started with creating your seals right away!

Common Seal / Company Seal
Free Delivery

Common Seal / Company Seal

Get your common seal to certify your company's important documents now!

Generally for Company Documents such as Share Certificates, Registers, Certificate of Incumbency use. $49 for 3 Days, $89 for next Day and $129 for 4 Hr Express


Table Seals
Free Delivery

Table Seals

Get Table Seal to Create Imprints!

Generally for embossing/ imprint on certificates and heavier usage.

Comes in either 36mm / 48mm diameter. Choose our 3 Days, Next Day and 4 Hour Express.

Custom Wax Seal
Free Delivery

Custom Wax Seal

Get the traditional wax seal from us now!

Generally ideal for confidential documents,  corporate documents, law documents, wedding cards, envelopes & letters.