Large/Small Format Singapore Sticker Printing

In the corporate world, sticker (cheap, custom & quality mirrorkote, etc) can be used for so many different purposes depending on how one wants to include them in their business. So if you’re looking to print your own customised good quality stickers label that is easy to use, economically friendly and durable, Kiasu Print has what you need!

Our sticker printing in Singapore ranges come in different options like:

4C Economical Stickers (Standard Sized)

Considered one of the most affordable options in our sticker ranges, our 4C standard sized are easy to personalise and use for company logos, names and other essentials! If you want a custom size, you can also contact our staff to arrange the details.

Our 4C Standard is:

  • Available in multiple sizes for different needs
  • Customisable on Simili or Transparent sticker
  • Customisable on cheap & high quality Mirrorkote, with and without finishing (Matt or Glossy)

Rectangular/Square Stickers & Labels Printing (Small)

For companies in Singapore that use a lot of labels for their projects, us Kiasus are able to print them with sizing that is currently popular in the market. Depending on your needs, we also have material that you can easily write on with either a ballpoint pen or a pencil.

Our rectangular/square are:

  • Available in either Simili, Transparent or Mirrorkote material
  • Additional finishes (Glossy or Matt) with Mirrorkote is also available
  • Easily personalised at affordable rates
  • Diverse in size options

Round/Oval Stickers & Labels (Small)

Apart from the standard square or rectangular shapes, our stickers and labels also come in either oval or round shapes. Much like the rectangular ones, certain options can also give you the ease needed to write on them.

Our Oval/Round are:

  • Available in popular sizing preferences
  • Writable in Simili material
  • Also available in either Transparent or Mirrorkote (with or without added finishes) 

Outdoor/Indoor Direct Print UV (Large)

Our large sticker is excellent in quality no matter if you’re using them indoors or outdoors. They can also be applied to many different surfaces so you can use them on a variety of places without being restricted to one.

Our Outdoor/Indoor Direct Print UV are:

  • Easily applied to multiple surfaces (glass doors, display glass panels, acrylic signages, window panes)
  • Only require an affordable minimum of $20 per piece charge
  • Available in finishes (Matt or Glossy)

Outdoor/Indoor Reverse Print White Backing (Large)

If you are going to paste your sticker inside but have it viewable from only the outside instead, then reverse print may be the best choice for you. The white backing will then be facing the inside of your surface area while the outside shows your customised print.

This printing option is:

  • Consistent in quality
  • Usable on a number of different surfaces (but recommended glass surfaces)
  • Available in affordable minimum of $20 for each large sticker

Outdoor/Indoor Direct/Reverse UV (Large)

You can also choose from our Direct/Reverse options for UV too! These options are easy and good to use for multitudes of different areas. They can also be very simply to personalise according to designs you want. However, we want to point out that if your stickers need white backgrounds or white inks to be used, please contact our staff for the further arrangement!

Our Direct/Reverse UV are:

  • Suitable for many surfaces (Display glass, Glass doors, Acrylic Signages, Window Panels
  • Available either as transparent or solid colours
  • Can come with either Matt or Glossy finishing for both direct or reverse print

How to Order:

You can visit our official Kiasu Print website for a direct order form or contact our sales team for help! Make sure to have your artwork template ready in either Ai or PDF and either email it to us or upload it via the order form on our website. Our team will then begin to process after the art is confirmed and you have made your payments! It’s just as straightforward and simple as that!


4C Standard Size Stickers (Most Economical)
Hot Item

4C Standard Size Stickers (Most Economical)

Order your personalized standard sizes stickers for daily business use or company events here now!

Most economical & available in a few different types of custom & personalised paper sticker printing eg. mirrorkote or simili.

*Small* Rectangular and Square Stickers / Labels
Hot Item

*Small* Rectangular and Square Stickers / Labels

Customize and print your rectangular and square stickers with us now!

Suitable for packaging boxes, organizing, daily stationary use and more with our online stickers maker.

*Large Format* Direct Print UV Stickers (Outdoor/Indoor)

*Large Format* Direct Print UV Stickers (Outdoor/Indoor)

Order your UV stickers at low cost here now!

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Eg. glass doors, window panes, acrylic signages etc.

*Large Format* Reverse Print White Backing Stickers (Outdoor/Indoor)

*Large Format* Reverse Print White Backing Stickers (Outdoor/Indoor)

Reverse print white backing stickers available here now!

Use on glass doors / acrylic / any see through material with prints to be viewed from the outside.


*Small* Round and Oval Stickers / Labels
Hot Item

*Small* Round and Oval Stickers / Labels

Order your round and oval stickers here now!

Perfect for product labeling, giveaways, and daily business use.

*Large Format* Direct / Reverse Transparent UV Stickers (Outdoor/Indoor)

*Large Format* Direct / Reverse Transparent UV Stickers (Outdoor/Indoor)

Printing of transparent stickers available here now!

The colours for such stickers are lighter and transparent looking. Suitable for glass doors and more.

*Large Format* Direct / Reverse Transparent UV Stickers With Solid Colours (Outdoor/Indoor)

*Large Format* Direct / Reverse Transparent UV Stickers With Solid Colours (Outdoor/Indoor)

Grab your large transparent stickers with soild colours here now!

Able to customize to your required size and the colours will be soild at selected areas.