Instantaneous Self Inking Rubber Stamp / Chop Maker

Regardless of the occasion, if you are looking to make customised self-inking rubber stamps maker instantly but do not want to sacrifice quality in any way shape or form, then you have found the right designers! At Kiasu Print, you will find a wide variety of models to choose from at very reasonable prices.

Some of our popular pre & self-inking rubber stamp ranges include:

Company pre & self inking rubber stamps (Round or Rectangular)

Our pre & self inking rubber stamps that come with a clear indication of properly spelled company names and their UEN (unique entity number) are the ideal choice to customise if you have official documents to acknowledge. Not only does it give the deal authenticity, the legitimacy of signed contracts and the like can easily be tracked down. If you run a business that requires you having to look through and approve multiple documents throughout the day, it would save you from so much hassle by allowing you to get more authorised in a shorter amount of time.

Our company pre & self-inking rubber stamps are:

  • All travel-compatible in sizing
  • Available in professional waterproof ink colours like red, blue and black
  • Durable company stamp maker is enough to refill up to 10 times
  • Offers up to 1000 and more impressions each time

Pocket-sized self-inking rubber stamps (Rectangular)

For the modern-day businessman who spends most of their time traveling, it would be awfully inconvenient to lug about the bulky company & rubber stamps when they’re on the move. This is why we’ve decided to make pocket-sized pre & self-inking rubber stamps available to all our customers in an instant.

Our pocket-sized self-ink rubber stamp chops are:

  • Portable and slim company stamp maker for convenience
  • Easy to use and lasts 1000 impressions before needing a refill
  • Supplied with strong waterproof ink for optimal results

Key-chain rubber stamps

Suitable for all demographics including children and even working professionals like teachers, our keychain rubber stamps are easily customisable for multiple uses and the perfect affordable gift items!

When you’re purchasing our keychain rubber stamps, you’re getting a rubber stamp that’s:

  • Lightweight for convenient for carrying around
  • Already hooked onto a secure keychain
  • Easy to customise (names, motivational phrases, labels or even pictures)

Why get your self-ink rubber stamps and chops from us?

Kiasus understand the stresses of managing between budget and business progress on the daily, so our instant & fast services are specifically designed to bring you the best possible benefits! When you order your company pre & self-inking rubber stamps maker from us, we can process your order in just 8 to 15 minutes after you have confirmed your desired design and made your payment. We can also fine tune our responses for you if you’re able to let us know your urgency while you’re placing orders! What’s more, most of our stamp options (with the exception of keychain stamps) can be delivered to you for free as long as you order 2 or more!

How do you order stamps from us?

That’s easy! Simply visit our website and look for the stamp type you want or contact our team members for further customisation help! Once you confirm the art you want to use and have paid for your order, the Kiasus will get started with making your rubber stamp!


Round Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps
Free Delivery

Round Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Instant 10 Mins Express Round Company Rubber Stamps available here!

Always a popular choice for companies in Singapore to pick as a personalized company rubber stamp maker and name chop. 

Rectangle Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps
Free Delivery

Rectangle Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Instant Express Rectangle Company Rubber Stamps Service! 

Suitable as a signature stamps & chop maker, bank account number stamps to rectangle customized company address stamps.

Rectangle Pocket Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps
Free Delivery

Rectangle Pocket Self Inking Company Rubber Stamps

Convenient and Portable Rectangle Pocket Company Rubber Stamp Available Here!

Best for one that requires frequent stamping when outstationed or on the go. 

Keychain / Name / Nurses Stamps
Free Delivery

Keychain / Name / Nurses Stamps

Handy and Portable Stamps for daily use!

Usually for 1 or 2 liner and popular as name or nurses stamp.

Teacher Stamps
Free Delivery

Teacher Stamps

Personalize teacher stamps to grade and encourage your students!

Choice of own wordings and images as per your thoughts.