Instant Pre-inked / Self Inking Rubber Stamps (Rectangle)

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Prefer your Rubber Stamps & Chops to be Rectangular? Kiasu Print can also offer express customized Rectangle Self Inking Rubber stamps are normally used as Authorised Signature stamp, Address stamps, Urgent Stamp and more.

Make your own today! Order from us with our whatsapp ( +65 81820938), email (, or make a 24/7 online order.

Rectangle Self Ink Stamp Models & Price:

  • KP1442, artwork size 10mm x 38mm - $14 (2 lines max)
  • KP1340, artwork size 9mm x 36mm - $18  (2 lines max)
  • KP1370, artwork size 9mm x 66mm - $23 (2 lines max)
  • KP1755, artwork size 13mm x 51mm - $24 (3 lines max)
  • KP1767, artwork size 13mm x 63mm - $25 (3 lines max)
  • KP2255, artwork size 19mm x 51mm - $26 (4 lines max)
  • KP2867, artwork size 24mm x 63mm - $29 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP2878, artwork size 24mm x 74mm - $31 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP3255, artwork size 28mm x 51mm - $29 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP3278, artwork size 28mm x 74mm - $32 (5-6 lines max)
  • KP4367, artwork size 39mm x 63mm - $34 (7-9 lines max)
  • KP5367, artwork size 49mm x 63mm - $38 (9-11 lines max)
  • KP6760, artwork size 62mm x 55mm - $40 
  • KP78103, artwork size 73mm x 98mm - $60 
  • KP90130, artwork size 85mm x 125mm - $80 

Round Self Ink Stamp Models & Price:

  • Keychain Stamp KC13, 10mm artwork diameter - $16
  • KP19, 15mm artwork diameter - $22
  • KP26, 22mm artwork diameter - $22 [Most Popular]
  • KP35, 31mm artwork diameter - $28
  • KP47, 43mm artwork diameter - $38
  • KP54, 50mm artwork diameter - $40

Order your own rubber stamps from us via our whatsapp ( +65 81820938), email (, or online website.

Keychain Stamp & Price:

  • Keychain Stamp KC1028, artwork size 6mm x 24mm - $10

Pocket Stamp Models & Price:

  • KPP1949, artwork size 15mm x 45 mm - $20 
  • KPP2459, artwork size 20mm x 55 mm - $26

Feel free to use our templates to design your very own Rectangle Rubber Stamp Maker with texts, borders and even logos.

General Features:

  • Rectangular and travel-friendly in size
  • Usable for up to 1000 crisp bold impressions
  • Strong waterproof ink
  • Refillable for up to 10 times

Choosing Your Stamp Colour:

  • Red
  • Blue (Most Popular!)
  • Black
  • Green

Making Designs For Your Stamps:

If you already have digital designs of your chop in mind, you can cut down on a lot of design time by using the template we have on our website to send in your design to us. Apart from that, the Kiasus (our friendly staff members) are also ready and willing to help you with your design requests.

For customers who want to use their company logos as part of their rubber stamp design, make sure to send us a logo that is at least 300 x 300 DPI so that we can help you get the best possible results.

Design your own rubber stamp! Order from us by reaching out via our whatsapp ( +65 81820938), email (, or make a 24/7 online order.

Estimated Waiting Time:

The production process of your rubber stamps will start once you finish paying in full and confirmed the artwork you want to use for your stamps. Depending on your order quantity, most orders can be done within a day.

In case you need your rubber stamps urgently, make sure to let our Kiasu team members know when you're ordering so that we can better help you get your express stamps ready. You can also come down to our physical collection location at Blk 53 Ubi Avenue 1, Paya Ubi Industrial Park near Ubi MRT to receive the instant stamps yourself. To make sure that you're able to be served quickly, you can come for self-collection from 9-7 PM on weekdays and Sat 10.30-2.30pm!

Prices and Sizing Information:

For more information on the sizes and prices of the rubber stamps we are making, you can use the price calculator we have on our website or talk to one of the Kiasus for help.

Delivery Help:

  • Letter Box Delivery  (It takes about 2 to 4 day waiting period depending on Singpost)
  • Courier Delivery (An extra $11 will be included in your total payment or if you order 2 and above it will be free)
  • Self Collecting (You can collect your stamps from Blk 53 Ubi Avenue 1, Paya Ubi Industrial Park near Ubi MRT

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