Terms and Conditions

Accepting the Terms of Usage

The Terms of Usage implemented by Kiasu Print Pte Ltd include posted guidelines, rules and restrictions that all users will have to follow. By making use of this website, it will be regarded that you have given agreement to being bound by the Terms of Usage. This involves the addition of extra guidelines, restrictions and rules that can be connected to certain services or sections of the website.

The right for making changes to these Terms of Usage and the website without offering prior notice will be reserved fully by Kiasu Print Pte Ltd, so it is advisable for you to check the terms again each time you intend on making use of the site.  

 You will also be giving consent to receiving notices along with all other legal communications electronically via website updates or the registered email addresses you have provided through the site. That being said, you can also choose to withdraw your permission for the sending of electronic communications by liaising with the customer care section of Kiasu Print but this would also mean discontinuing your account use.


Any online transactions, terms and conditions that are conducted at www.kiasuprint.com and other communication methods will all be subjected to existing laws of Singapore. Any delay or damage from machinery breakdowns, acts of God, governmental action and otherwise (inclusive of but not limited to riots, seizures, embargo and war) will not fall under the responsibility of Kiasu Print Pte Ltd.

All the tools that are provided on this site for the purpose of document creation are considered the properties of Kiasu Print Pte Ltd and other affiliated companies. Once you place an order as a buyer, it will be treated as your acceptance of the terms provided by us.


Kiasu Print Pte Ltd reserves all rights to reject orders at any time without recourse and make price changes whenever necessary (even after the orders have been received.)



Considering the nature of the products offered by Kiasu Print, returns cannot be made after the order is processed or shipped. If you wish to claim for shortages, defects or damages, you must make sure to complete the claim in writing within two (2) business days after receiving the ordered merchandise. Only orders that were processed wrongly will be replaced after we have received the returned merchandise. Orders will not be replaced if the buyer mishandled or misused them. They will also not be replaced if the buyer has used part of it and attempts to return that particular part.  

Credit Cards

Your order will not be processed in the event that your credit cards are declined. If it so happens that your orders have been shipped, your account may become delinquent. Any unpaid balance will receive buyer agreement on paying 2% monthly finance charges (24% annual percentage rate). Accounts that go beyond the due date of payment terms will require advance payment for future purchases unless specific arrangements have been made. If Kiasu Print Pte Ltd is required to commence legal actions so as to enforce any agreement terms, the buyer will need to agree on paying reasonable costs along with legal fees.  


No warranty, explicit or implied, will be made by Kiasu Print Pte Ltd other than possible replacement of products the buyer has purchased. The company may replace the defective product or credit the purchase price amount, but there will be no guarantee depending on each order situation.


The shipping terms of products are F.O.B. All processes necessary, including shipping with the carrier, will be arranged by Kiasu Print Pte Ltd on behalf of their buyers. However, you will be fully responsible for the costs of handling as well as shipping. Kiasu Print Pte Ltd is not responsible for any delivery delay, delivery damage or loss.

Limitation of Liability

In cases where there are damages (incidental or consequential) that were caused by any individual’s performance or non-performance of obligations, Kiasu Print Pte Ltd will not be held liable in contract or in tort (inclusive of negligence) to their customer.

Kiasu Print Pte Ltd will also not be held liable to anyone for any cost, expenses, damages, economic damages and financial losses of any kind. By purchasing products from Kiasu Print Pte Ltd, the buyer will be agreeing to not holding the company responsible for the occurrence of any expenses, legal costs, damages, and losses in the claims, actions, proceedings and demands that are instituted against Kiasu Print or their affiliated companies for alleged copyright, trademark, service mark violations and invasion of privacy (inclusive of other personal rights).


Cancellation and Refunds

Orders that were shipped or cancelled after processing will not be issued any refunds.